Norton Residents Face Eviction From Council Houses
4 October 2021

Some Norton residents are facing the prospect of evictions from Council houses after they failed to pay rentals for a whole year.

The non-payment has resulted in residents having bills ranging between ZWL$20 000 to ZWL$70 000.

Earlier this week Norton Town Council sent the workers final reminders over the outstanding charges.

“The final reminders they received were a result of non-payment of rentals to council.

“Some have not paid rentals for over a year hence the final reminders,” an official said.

However the residents have raised queries over the bills.

They allege that they have been over-charged.

Stacy Chabvaneyi* said her bill was shocking.

“I cannot be expected to pay $2750 fixed charge for rentals alone per month it’s too much.

“It is the reason why we have simply failed to pay the rentals, where do we get such money.”

Council has since admitted to the billing errors and made adjustments.

The authorities said they would divide the individual balances by two for all the households were the billing errors were made.

The residents had been given until 30 September to have paid the money.

Council has agreed on payment plans after an initial deposit of 50%.

However the residents have been agitating for a deposit of 25%.

The houses were given to council when the owning companies closed.

Residents staying in them have previously been given preference to purchase.

However, according to NTC spokesperson Mr Kachere, only a few have taken up the offer.

“In 2018 council resolved that those who were once sharing but who at that period were no longer sharing were given option to purchase the houses.

“Out of 40 houses that met this criterion only 8-9 houses have been purchased,” he said.

-Open Parly