MDC Alliance South Africa Youth Assembly Denounces Attack On President Chamisa Convoy
13 October 2021

SAYA statement on the attack of President Chamisa’s convoy.

MDC Alliance Youth Assembly in South Africa (SAYA) castigates in the strongest terms the violent attack on our party leader — President Advocate Nelson Chamisa — by a motley crowd of rented ZANU PF thugs in Charumbira today.

We condemn the brazenness of the violence meted out to President Chamisa’s convoy, the same man whom they have routinely dismissed as a mere nobody. That violence is rearing its ugly head a few months before another election is itself a harbinger of what is to come.

The attack on our president comes fresh on the heels of yet another the disruption of a party meeting in Masvingo by the police under the guise of enforcing lockdown regulations or on account of some such silly reasons we have become accustomed to.

What is worse a senior civil servant and permanent secretary in the Ministry of Information Ndabaningi “Nick” Mangwana — in violation of the constitutional precepts of non partisanship required from a person in his position,— is dismissing the attack as a non-event without investigation whatsoever or a police report despite the presence probative video evidence.

It is no secret that ever since the rejection of their lackeys in the opposition and the inception of #NgapindeHakeMukomana refrain and its viral adoption by the long suffering Zimbabweans , the ruining party mandarins are running scared as 2023 fast approaches.

We are well aware that violence is part of ZANU PF ‘s DNA and the hoary party’s futile attempts over the years — since 1980 — to foist “violence” on our national political fabric as Zimbabwe’s 17th official language.

Mugabe once boasted of having ( academic) degrees in violence, his successor is no different, as soon as he started warming the presidential seat the language and symbolism of violence crept in his soporific speeches from the laughable varakashei to shamhu ine munyu or the breathtakingly daft kombai tirove .

Knowing that the party or its functionaries are hard of hearing we still urge them to stop their antediluvian leadership style which have no place in modern day statecraft or the abuse of the police to further their parochial political ends.


Leader Sotai Munhu
SAYA spokesperson