Thieves Target People Returning From The Diaspora
13 October 2021

Dear Editor

Good day to you all

I would like to warn each and every Zimbabwean citizen. My elder brother’s son who was coming from Ireland in the company of his wife on Sunday was intercepted at the airport just after they arrived by someone who escorted them until they had cleared themselves and left the airport.

This person gave them forms on the pretext that they wanted to conduct contact tracing of covid 19 hence they had to reveal their address.

On Monday evening, thieves broke into this couple’s home in Norton and stole mobile phones, money and clothes. These thieves knew they had recently arrived from the diaspora.

Let us be very careful. These thieves are now using every trick in the book to follow their victims.

The robbers also took a car registration number AFI 6461 to carry their loot.

My children are now nursing wounds sustained during the attack.

I am warning other Zimbabweans to be wary of revealing their addresses especially to strangers or thieves posing as bogus health authorities at the airport.

Concerned Zimbabwean