Chamisa Aides Kidnapped
14 October 2021

By A Correspondent- Six members of the MDC-Alliance have reportedly been kidnapped and beaten up by suspected Zanu PF activists at an illegal roadblock.

They were on their way back from a meeting being addressed by the party’s president Nelson Chamisa.

The party posted on Twitter this afternoon

Six MDC Alliance members have been kidnapped & beaten on their way back from a meeting being addressed by Chamisa.
They were attacked at Gutu Garage in Mupandawana. This was at an illegal roadblock manned by Zanu PF youth. @PoliceZimbabwe were present watching the attack.
We have been contacted by @CouncilorMutub1, who advises that his vehicle was stoned in Gutu. He was with three others who are now missing.
He fled for his life after Zanu PF youth attacked their car. Illegal roadblocks manned by Zanu PF have been mounted throughout Gutu.
Zanu PF youths have unleashed an orgy of violence in Gutu following a meeting held there by President @nelsonchamisa.
Those who are coming back from the meeting are being arbitrarily kidnapped & beaten. Cars are being stoned. A number of members are missing.

Earlier on Thursday, Chamisa held a meeting with community leaders, war veterans, opinion makers, vendors and special interest groups in Gutu.
The party said it is forming a broad alliance to secure six million votes in the 2023 general elections.