FULL TEXT: Violent ZRP Boss Florence Marume Caught In The Act
17 October 2021
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Below is the brief interaction between Simba Chikanza (SC) and an unwitting ZRP Provincial boss Assistant Commissioner Florence Marume, who ended up titling him her mother’s son.


This was early Thursday afternoon, concerning the violence against MDC Alliance President Nelson Chamisa.

SC: Hello, Hello, Ass Comm Marume.

AM: Makadini?

Officer Commanding Mutare Central District, Chief Superintendent Florence Marume

SC: I am in the hospital I have been given your message.

Have you phoned vaChinamasa, they are requiring information to understand the program against Nelson Chamisa, so it can be spread to the provinces

AM: Who am I talking to?

SC: Are you hearing me?

AM: I don’t know the person I am talking to.

SC: This phone, this phone. I’m in the hospital.

AM: Who am I talking to?

SC: I am in the hospital.

AM: Who is it?

SC: Ass Comm. Ass Comm.

AM: Who are you?

SC: Phone vaChinamasa, did you phone, phone vaChinamasa?

AM: Who are you?

SC: Ass Comm, you are not hearing me?

AM: But who are you?

SC: Comrade, comrade Marume, it’s Simba-neuta,

It’s Simba-neuta!

It’s Simba-neuta!

Do you not have my number in your phone?

AM: I don’t have it

SC: Phone vaChinamasa, he wants the program for Chamisa so to spread it to other provinces.

AM: Send me his numbers, send me his numbers.

SC: Did you hear him on ZBC, did you hear him thanking you for blocking Chamisa?

AM: Ehe-Yes.

Send me his numbers

SC: Check in your phone right now, just as you cut this phone call.

AM: Alright

SC: AssComm Marume, are you hearing me?


Chikanza calls her again.

SC: Hello Ass Comm, did you find them did you find them?

Ensure that you phone him right now, he said that you must call him on his direct line, AssComm

AM: I heard you my mother’s son. Once you’ve sent me I will phone.

SC: AssComm.

AM: I heard you.

SC: It’s been said you must call him before 1 p.m. today.

AM: Alright let me phone.

SC: Also it’s been said that there are boys coming from ZBC to the Mucheke Hall today. So it’s been said you must be there because on that other plan of following Chamisa everywhere you must be there to coordinate information to all provinces, so they said you must not forget. They were actually busy at the time together with mukuru- the president.

AM: Let me actually jump into it right now.

SC: isn’t it? Have you seen the message?

AM: Once you’ve cut the phone I will check

SC: Okay.

SC: There is a video from ZBC in which he is thanking you for blocking Chamisa. If you watch it first on the internet or on your TV, you watch it so that when you do your program at the Michele Hall, your wording will be structured and you don’t make mistakes.

AM: Alright my mother’s son.

SC: Okay.

Ass Comm Marume!

AM: Yes

SC: Ass Comm Marume! I am called Simba Chikanza, I am a newsman at ZimEye, what you did to Chamisa what you admitted there, was actually a crime, so now I have put you on a live broadcast; so right now people are seeing your phone number and I’m going to advertise your,


SC: This is Ass Comm Marume, Assistant Commissioner Marume, and she is also in the Women’s League, so this is the Provincial Women’s League, executive, and this is her name that we see here.

She has just there confirmed she was responsible for sabotaging Nelson Chamisa. Secretary for Legal Affairs for ZANU PF party, and she is the Assistant Commissioner for the ZRP in Masvingo. That is who she is there. She has several cases before. She used to be in Mutare, where she served as Dispol for Mutate District and at one time she got someone charged for merely insulting her; over a WhatsApp insult.

And what I did there, I just called her and I’ve also displayed her number; legal experts may obtain this number and save this live video for legal purposes and also UN agencies may also use this live video as a reference. I’ve called assistant commissioner Florence Marume in the public interest due to the brutalities that happened and one person is in hospital right now; one of Nelson Chamisa’s aides and.. today is the 14th of October, it is 11:26 in the United Kingdom, in Zimbabwe it is 12:26.

And the type of operation that I’ve done there are you is one in which you simply talk to a sauce but one you have positively identified notified and you can show evidence that they are actually committing a crime…

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