Jonathan Moyo Torments Mutsvangwa as Biti Begs Ramaphosa | OPINION
19 October 2021

By Dr Masimba Mavaza | Economic sanctions are increasingly being used to promote the full range of American foreign policy objectives; yet all too often sanctions turn out to be more than expressions of U.S. preferences that hurt American economic interests; they destroy innocent lives of targeted countries without changing the target’s behaviour for the better. As a rule, sanctions need to be less unilateral and more focused on the problem at hand. The American Congress and their executive branch need to institute far more rigorous oversight of sanctions, both prior to adopting them and regularly thereafter, to ensure that the expected benefits outweigh likely costs and that sanctions accomplish more than alternative foreign policy tools. In fact, sanctions benefit the American administration and not the puppets used to request for such evils upon their country. 

Dr Masimba Mavaza

Over the propaganda loudspeaker, the social media, and media, a group of Zimbabweans are seen and heard testifying before Congress by letter or in person that it is Zimbabweans themselves destroying themselves not the sanctions.
We have Biti asking Ramaphosa to intervene in Zimbabwe, creating a situation that Zimbabwe is at war with itself.

Such unverified testimony in the hands of the West is a massive propaganda win, and a devastating blow to Zimbabwean government efforts to develop the nation, it is a big setback to those who are clinging to life in such savage conditions created by sanctions.

We saw again Jonathan Moyo imposting pretending to be Hon Christopher Mutsvangwa. Mutsvangwa’s sin is that he attacked Old Mutual Exchange Traded Fund, the lynch pin of monetary instability and galloping inflation. Focus on the Old Mutual Exchange  Fund… the Indispensable Financial Weapon Of Monetary Terrorism against Zimbabwe.

Tendai Biti and Jonathan Moyo are Zimbabwe’s Home-grown terrorists.

Cde Mutsvangwa is being attacked because he stated that the obliging and condescending Ministry of Finance has securities Exchange Commission Zimbabwe as their Financial hitmen.
In order to suffocate Zimbabwe the Ministry of Finance is squeezing between a rock and a hard place. ZSE is spawning inflation and want to shift the blame to RBZ Governor. These implied Exchange Rate are all resting at the door of Old Mutual and the terrorists like Jonathan Moyo run to America to point an accusing finger on the Zimbabwean government.

The painful thing is that Tendai Biti and his team accuse Zimbabwe for the runaway economy yet they are the ones creating holes in our silos. Biti requested South Africa to come into Zimbabwe militarily a request which is in itself treason and must be frowned upon.

We all know that when the ZSE was going through demutualization Old Mutual requested to be on the local bourse, the Johannesburg, and London Stock Exchanges with a fake idea that this will bring capital. The old Mutual share with RTGS today stuff them in the local banks they go to Johannesburg and liquidate them for Rand or fly over to UK and liquidate the RTGS for pounds. This is the truth which harms our currency and this the reason Jonathan Moyo is attacking hon Mutsvangwa.

With these side effects eating into Zimbabwe’s economy, we have the terrible bandits of Tendai Biti and Jonathan Moyo. The widespread use of economic sanctions constitutes one of the paradoxes of contemporary American foreign policy, economic sanctions are fast becoming the policy tool of choice for the United States in the post-cold war world. The United States now maintains economic sanctions against dozens of countries; indeed, sanctions are so popular that they are being introduced by many states and municipalities. What is critical, moreover, is not just the frequency with which economic sanctions are used but the fact that Zimbabwe has its own dedicated idiots who are busy requesting for more sanctions
It is not a coincident that each time there is a big thing to happen on the international platform there is some noise from one corner of the opposition to another.  Before this appeal by Biti, social media was cursed with a litany of events. Firstly, Jonathan Moyo sends a Twitter on one of his fake pages pretending to be Mutsvangwa, then Chamisa fakes assaults and stoning while he was trying to impose himself on the people of Charumbira. He then announces that he is going to Manicaland and the people of Manicaland are planning to stone him. All this is said because Chamisa wants to attract the attention of the visiting UN human rights inspector.
The behaviour of our fellow countrymen is akin to Home grown Terrorism or Domestic terrorism. Domestic terrorism or homegrown terrorism is a form of terrorism in which victims “within a country are targeted by a perpetrator with the same citizenship” as the victims. Zimbabweans become the Victims and Biti and his team are the terrorists. The behaviour being displayed by Biti and Jonathan Moyo to influence an audience, must not be allowed to continue.

We can not remain seated in a boat watching those next to us drilling holes in the boat. No matter how much they can argue that they have a right to do so their rights must not infringe into out own rights. If we look on letting these lunatics drilling holes in the boat we are in we are all going to drown.

Zimbabwe is like a boat we are all belong to this boat we are soldiering on but there is a Mbiti in the boat. A murderer amongst us. Generations and generations will die as we allow these people running rings of death around us.
England and Europe have tough laws against terrorism. Why are we this naive. The opposition is trying all it can to win these elections by hook or crook. But to what end? If you kill everyone whom will you rule. Sanctions do kill and we need to fight sanctions with all our hearts.

Zimbabwe is the only country we can call ours.

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