MDC Alliance Targets Landslide Victory For President Chamisa In Kwekwe
21 October 2021
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Tinashe Sambiri|The MDC Alliance is targeting a landslide victory for President Nelson Chamisa in Kwekwe Central Constituency.

Though Kwekwe is regarded as Mr Emmerson Mnangagwa’s home ground, the Zanu PF leader has lost dismally in the area in previous elections.

See the MDC Alliance Namibia statement below:

Honourable Judith Tobaiwa hails Mdc Alliance Namibia for exhibiting solidarity with Kwekwe Central Constituency.

21 October 2021

Kwekwe Central Constituency leadership represented by the able Honourable Judith Tobaiwa expressed great honour and appreciation to Mdc Alliance Namibia after receiving a beautiful soccer kit with party logo and colours. On top of the football jerseys, the vibrant district under the chairmanship of Elisha Chambara added 50 t-shirts towards the #OneMillionCampaign targeted at virgin voters in 2023.

According to Honourable Judith Tobaiwa, RedStars is a team comprising of 18-22 years old youths recruited and registered to vote for socio-economic transformation in 2023 choosing none other than the political mountain President Advocate Nelson Chamisa. The team is being used as a voter registration tool and also an effective recruitment and mobilisation avenue. Mdc Alliance Namibia feels energised to continue supporting organic and pragmatic approach to the national democratic revolution. It is quite sweet to hear that for one to qualify in the the team in Chiundura, one has to be a registered voter or to be a recognised member of the youth assembly.

Furthermore, a local league has been established and the change team is doing very well in increasing the number of youths itching to join the freedom train. Social democrats in Kwekwe Central Constituency gyrated hysterically in uncontrollable gusto upon realising that the donated kit was a marketing tool on its own because of the party brand, logo,name and colours. The leadership acknowledged the huge influence the kit has on voter registration drive. It is clear that solidarity with our constituencies back home is significant in re-energising the revolutionary base.

It is against this comradely background that Honourable Judith Tobaiwa said,”I want to thank Mdc Alliance Namibia Chapter or family for the revolutionary contribution towards building a strong party in Kwekwe Central. We say thank you for your solidarity, welldone”. The active district went on to adopt Uzumba Maramba Pfungwe as a twin for 2023 harmonised elections. As democratic fighters,we believe that solidarity is a core value in Social Democracy hence the need to walk the talk. We urge all stakeholders in Mdc Alliance external assemblies to twin rural constituencies towards 2023 where we target 6 million voters for change ready to defend the vote.

In a nutshell, voter registration drive is our concern across the breadths and lengths of Zimbabwe. We need to offer moral, material and financial support to the national democratic revolution so that we can win Zimbabwe for complete change. It is everyone’s revolutionary obligation to embrace participatory democracy. Mdc Alliance Namibia District eulogises the interface by President Advocate Nelson Chamisa in marginalised rural communities in Zimbabwe.The decision to go rural was a dream, now our president is walking the word despite Zanupf shenanigans manifesting in futile assassination attempts on the people’s President. What inspires us is that the leadership is not backtracking or wavering, thank you President for dodging bullets for your people who are languishing in abject poverty.









Mdc Alliance Namibia
Rundu Branch Spokesperson
Robson Ruhanya

Judith Tobaiwa