NCA Party Statement:Call on Unconditional Removal of Sanctions Against Zimbabwe.
25 October 2021

▪️The NCA party join hands with all progressive forces in calling for the unconditional removal of sanctions against Zimbabwe.

▪️The sanctions are affecting us as Zimbabwe socially, politicaly and economically.

▪️As NCA party, an opposition in Zimbabwe, we believe that Zanu pf is using sanctions to justify its incompetence and hold to political power.

▪️The sanctions are not serving the purpose that they were imposed on Zimbabwe.

▪️As opposition in Zimbabwe we believe that removing Zanu pf must not be a foreign agenda but should also be purely a Zimbabwean agenda.

▪️Zimbabweans will eventually remove Zanu pf on their own terms and there is no need for any foreign intervention to achieve this noble definite cause.

▪️We encourage any other mechanism to deal with the problems affecting Zimbabwe and sanctions are not part of such a solution.

▪️As NCA Party we encourage all Zimbabweans to speak with one voice in denouncing the sanctions as well as calling for their unconditional removal.

Issued By,Madock Chivasa

NCA Party National Spokesperson

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