MDC Alliance Denounces Media Centre Violence
26 October 2021

Impunity has become an addiction in Mwonzora’s party, Mdc Alliance Namibia absolutely condemns Harare Media Centre violence.

23 October 2023

Mdc Alliance Namibia is quite astounded by the wild behaviour of those who purport to have abandoned the freedom train engineered by the supersonic President Advocate Nelson Chamisa alleging him of leading a violent party.

Lies have short legs! Counterfeit democrats under the leadership of Mdc-T’s illegal senator Yvonne Musarurwa on Thursday stormed and brought to a halt a press conference by a party official Kudzanai Mashumba who longed to unearth how party leader Douglas Togarasei Mwonzora was allegedly infringing the supreme law of both party and country at large by stealing public funds.

Musarurwa and her thugocrats barged into the press conference at the Media Centre in Harare with the evil intention of suffocating the universal basic human freedoms of association , expression and assembly.

The Zanupf sponsored bouncers unleashed claps on the official before they hurled him out of the room and mercilessly dragging through several flights of stairs into the overpopulated street,where he commenced shouting:”They are beating me because I want to expose their corruption”.

As he shouted ,a gang of thugs charged towards him, grabbed him and jumped into the car which drove off at the highest velocity.

This demonstrates that Mwonzora and cronies are now reading from the satanic Zanupf books of state-sponsored violence , corruption and impunity.

Moreover, Mdc Alliance Namibia has the conviction that conventionally, violence is understood to be driven by negative emotions, such as anger, frustration or extreme fear. It is clear to social democrats in Namibia that Musarurwa Yvonne and her thugs were desperate that their master, Douglas Togarasei Mwonzora’s senseless and barefaced corruption will be unraveled before the journalists.

Corruption and violence have become permanent features of humanity in the MdcT since the Corona Supreme Court judgement of March 2020.

This behaviour of muzzling democratic space for citizens and journalists should be condemned with equal measure. Mwonzora should desist from acting in the Zanupf totalitarian manner.

In 2023 we shall vote violence out giving Advocate Nelson Chamisa no competition against thugocrats and their surrogates. When we say they are Zanupf lite, we mean this impunity when our own Cde Makomborero Haruzivishe is languishing in jail for demanding freedoms and justice in Zimbabwe.

Our message to perpetrators of violence and corruption is that Mdc Alliance shall consistently fight against gross misgovernance in Zimbabwe.

Yvonne Musarurwa and her thugs’ aggressive behaviour was automatically reinforced by positive feelings of Zanupf induced power and dominance. It is clear to genuine revolutionaries that violence is among the topping causes of death for people aged 15-44 years worldwide and Zimbabwe is not an exception. As social democrats, we would like publicly scath these high levels of violence and crimes in regions such as Southern Africa since they have adverse effects on our political, economic and social lives. These are symptoms of underlying socio-economic, and political challenges such as inequality, rapid urbanisation, abject poverty, unemployment and institutional shortcomings.

Furthermore, Yvonne Musarurwa and her judicially-constructed political outfit should know that the adverse effects of violence on a country are detrimental not only to its citizenry,but the well-being of the community and the country in toto. Mdc Alliance Namibia believes that those who masquerade as the main alternative should comprehend the negative impact of violence on the innocent citizens. Violence has significantly and directly reduced economic growth, and posed a great obstacle in eradicating poverty in our people who are struggling to secure a single nutritious meal per day. It has become open to everyone that Mwonzora and crew epitomise violence and unprecedented corruption.

In a nutshell, Mdc Alliance Namibia is totally ready and prepared to fight against those who trample on human rights with impunity. As constitutional democrats who are cognisant of the fact that violence causes profound psychological torture and trauma, reducing the quality of life for all Zimbabweans. The Zimbabwe Republic Police should apprehend Yvonne Musarurwa and her thugs if they are not comprised. We demand justice to Mashumba who was manhandled for expressing his democratic rights.

Yvonne Musarurwa’s intentional use of physical force ,exploited with full potential of causing serious harm , injury, disability and loss of precious life. This type of violence does not only lead to physical harm ,but also have severe negative psychological effects.









Mdc Alliance Namibia
Rundu Branch Spokesperson
Robson Ruhanya