Traditional Leaders Are Not Zanu PF Political Commissars
29 October 2021

Ward 2 area Mwenezi east Responsible Authorities and the regime

Ward 2 is a blessed area and has great people in the country who hail from this ward among them Econet CEO D Mboweni. However it is disheartening to note that we are trailing behind in as far as development is concerned. The responsible authorities seem to be seated relaxed from the comforts of their homes without delivering the much anticipated representation. Ward 2 needs are brave vibrant and fast moving somebody in council inorder to ensure developmental issues are addressed. Of late we have heard about the college planned to be built in rata however the project has gone to the ashes and no one has piled pressure or speared the project to a success.

Health. Matande area needs a clinic so that it reduces the distance for people from Marande,Rutavo,Machindi villages. If really there was a workaholic WDCO Ward Developmental Committe such projects could have already been kickstarted. Rata township and the Ward center havw got no water. How then can we ensure hygiene and good service delivery when such an important place has got no water. People have to walk for more than a kilometer to fetch water at the township and ward center. The councillor have hosted several meetings at the place but is still blinkered to see the need for a water source. It should also be noted that the responsible authorities now have a dependency syndrome upon humanitarian aidNGOs. They have ceased to seek other avenues that create infrastructural development. Politicization of Aid . The zanu pf regime has always politicized food aid and agricultural inputs and this has left out opposition members or non active people. At the end, incompetent people who later sell of the agricultural inputs benefit from these aodes through a zanu pf political ticket.

Local entrepreneurs and producers like Masukume Bakery , needs a well innovative councillor in the ward who can find ways through to boost and find a good formidable place and market for the bakery.

Healing. Ward 2 also needs healing following the political violence of 2000 and 2008. People need be enlightened through peaceful and unifying means so that developmental projects move swiftly without suspicions and conflicts. It is also amazing that in ward 2 there are people who still occupy many different jobs per person. At times people are not informed of these programs hence the same people in connection continue to benefit eg programs like Peer educators and other voluntary programs.

Road Infrastrucure Chikwavaire road has been neglected ut needs attention and we need our councillor knocking the doors of those that should rehabilitate the road that connects with Runde river. There should also be recreational programs to control alcohol abuse by the youth in ward 2. A councillor initiative is crucial at this point. We need well sponsored ball games. Fishing and canoing activities in the local dams, capentry and welding clubs also have to be established. This would not only occupy people from commiting crimes but would also generate incomes foe tgw local people.

A sound Information and Communication framework for ward 2 is also essential. In a modern day Zimbabwe we expect to have a Netone and Econet powerstation that covers every coner of Negari area. Unlike the current situation wherenetwork is not available when its cloudy and dont even cover some surrounding areaa like Manhondp village. We expect our local leadership to have approached these service providers and beg for the issue to addressed. Obviously if approached , econet wouldnt take long to address. Surely ward 2 needs grace, we lack such type of leadership that can represent people across all lines. They have no people’s interests at heart. They just enjoy allowances they get at meetings and workshops. Come elections they would want to use force to get our votes. Instead of addressind bread and butter issues they are concentrating on trailing and silencing the voices of the poor Timothys in the ward. How can we achieve or develop our ward when the level of hatred we have against an opposing voice is just so high. Toilets Toilets . Many households have no proper toilets some use the bush. We need our Councillor to push and foward such issues to the donor community and to the council for assistance. Instead of repeatedly preaching pfumvunza and sloganeering Pamberi leaders should be discussing and ensuring healthy and hygienic service delivery to tge tac payer villagers. We need someone who can make stastical assessement and a proper report of what needs to be done to develop our Negari.

Traditional leaders should not be frog marched to Zanu pf meeting they should be apolitical and not take sides. We need them to advise and identify areas that need to be developed. Therefore Zanu pf politicians should let hands off traditional leaders and stop using them as their commissars.

Development comes after peace,unity and love.

Timoth Muswere from
Ward 2 Mwenezi east