A UN Report that ignores the obvious connection between ZanuPF’s actions in power and human suffering in Zimbabwe
31 October 2021

By Nontokozo Malaba Ncube| There has been warranted outrage at the UN Special Rapporteur’s report on Zimbabwe. For an investigation about sanctions and human rights, it is ironic how this report does not talk much about the ‘humans’ of Zimbabwe.

Yes, the report contains a lot of economic and financial observations, which are hugely simplified, not in any good way. On the other hand, the report does not give serious acknowledgement of the hard life faced by the majority of Zimbabweans under this military dictatorship of which sanctions are used as an excuse.

Moreover, the report does not provide real recognition of the experiences by the opposition (MDC Alliance) who have been crying for an end to corruption, an end to use of force and oppressive political environment by ZanuPF.

So, what exactly is the angle for the UN or this Special Rapporteur on this issue? What are they trying to achieve by publishing such a heavily biased report? When a report on human suffering does not cover issues associated with that suffering such as what is evident, upon arrival at Harare Airport, one can only assume that the report has nothing to do with the people but other nefarious agendas.

Some analysts believe that this whole thing is about them trying to make it easy for money made from Zimbabwean corrupt activities to be able to be laundered around the world as legitimate. The biased nature of the report could he explained by the curious job description of a UN Special Rapporteur. Perhaps the UN itself will disregard the report.

It can be mentioned, in recent weeks the UN has been caught on the wrong side of reality with regards to Africa and they have been forced to backtrack.

We saw that story about them appointing the disgraced former UK Health Secretary as some UN Covid 19 envoy Africa which was widely criticised on social media.

Nonetheless, despite the biased utterances of this report, Zimbabwe is being run by a military dictatorship that is hell-bent on looting from the country and they discharge violence and murder on anyone who gets in their way at will.

It could have been of more value if the UN Special Rapporteur had engaged the common man in the street in order to get a clearer picture of the prevailing socio economic and political situation in Zimbabwe.