Zvishavane Judiciary and Law Enforcement Systems Captured by Criminals
31 October 2021

Dear Editor

My fellow countrymen greetings. I
would like to bring to your attention the rot within the Zvishavane judiciary
and law enforcement systems.
Hard-core criminals have captured
the judiciary and law enforcement
systems to the disadvantage of law
abiding citizens.

Murderers, drug traffickers,
fraudsters, rapists and cattle
rustlers are freely roaming the streets boasting that they are untouchable.

A family of well known cattle rustlers has been arrested a thousand times but will no conviction as their cases never go for trial.

These people are well known cattle
thieves known even by yet to be
born babies. They steal cattle on a daily basis forcing villagers in
Mazvihwa to sleep in kraals
guarding their cattle. Could it be
juju or just mere negligence of duty bordering on corruption by the
relevant officers that these cattle rustlers are not in prison.

Machete gangs are terrorising poor villagers in Zvishavane killing,
maiming and raping people on an
hourly basis. So useless are the
police officers that at one point
these thugs beat all the policemen
at Mtambi base in full view of the
villagers. That was very

Hard drugs are being peddled and
sold right in front of police
officers in town. Obviously these
drugs have contributed to the high
crime rate in Zvishavane.

The public has lost confidence in
the judiciary and law enforcement
systems. All the personnel within
these systems must be recalled on
the basis of abetting crime. No one
must be spared from a messenger
to the highest ranking officer.

Concerned Citizen