Election Rights Lobby Grouping Condenms Malaba’s Zanu PF Appearance
1 November 2021

By A Correspondent- Chief Justice Malaba last week made an appearance at Zanu PF’s annual conference in Bindura.

Below is the statement by Zimbabwe Election Advocacy Trust:

“We are shocked to note that Chief Justice Luke Malaba is part of the delegation at a ZANU PF conference currently underway in Bindura. His involvement in partisan political activities jeopardizes electoral processes and render the whole Judiciary system biased thereby denting it’s Integrity.

Furthermore, his conduct has bastardized the maxim and principle of separation of powers.

Section 165 sub section 4d of the Constitution prohibits members of the judiciary from attending political meetings.

This is a gross violation of the Constitution by a person who is entrusted as a doyen and custodian of the law. We, therefore, call for his immediate resignation and a quick return to order and sanity in the Judiciary system. ZEAT…. fostering democratic elections!