Holy Ten Arrested
5 November 2021
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Hip hop artist Mukudzeyi Modekai Chitsama (a.k.a Holy Ten) was recently arrested for publishing music that is not his.

A docket opened to that effect charged him for infringement as defined in Section 59 (1) (b) (4) of the Copyright Act Chapter 26:01.

The case, reported at St Mary’s Police Station under CR number 22/11/21, had earlier been scheduled for Chitungwiza Magistrates courts, but it appears there has been an out of court settlement with the complainant.

According to the State’s outline, the complaint in this case is RK Studios whose business address is 6560, Unit J, Seke.

On 24 March this year, the studio created a musical project file beat titled Gundamwenda. The studio’s intention was to release the beat this month to capitalise on the prospects of it being a festive hit.

Chitsama (22), who resides at a given address in Chishawasha Hills, is alleged to have used unknown procedures to access the music which he went on to launch on his Holy Ten YouTube channel on October 27.

The complainant learnt of the release a day later and reported the case at ZRP St Mary’s, leading to Chitsama’s arrest.

Holy Ten is known for songs that include Appetite, Anenge achinetsa, Mwana ndakubirai and Undercover. He has done collaborations with the likes of Anita Jaxson and Dadza D.