Doves Demands Privacy from Media, Says Truth Out Only After Chimwamurombe’s Exhumation
8 November 2021

Below is a press statement issued by Doves Holdings demanding privacy in the case they are accused of releasing a coffin without the body of the late Maxwell Chimwamurombe, and dumping the body into a pauper’s grave.

Doves Funeral Services (Private) Limited (“Doves.) and the family of Ms Memory Chimwamurombe have been mutually engaging, in connection with the burial of the late Maxwell Chimwamurombe (the deceased) and now wish to jointly issue this public staternent.

Following allegations of improper burial of the deceased, Doves and the Chimwamurombe family initiated a discussion, at the family’s rural home in Nyanga, and in Harare, aimed at establishing facts of what transpired in the burial of the deceased.

Both parties have realised that there is need to scientifically establish the truth, regarding the burial of the deceased, and correct any findings of impropriety arising out of the burial process.

The agreed process will entail: (a) Exhumation of the graves concerned, in compliance with the requirements of the law;
(b) Identification of any remains recovered, either through DNA tests or other means; and,
(c) Re-burial of the deceased, if necessary.

The parties acknowledge that any allegations circulating in the public domain, remain largely unverified hence the need to expeditiously engage in approved scientific processes, that will bring closure to the family.

Parties commit to mutual engagement in the spirit of oneness and co-operate with each other, to ensure that if the allegations are verified, the deceased will be given a decent and respectful burial, in accordance with the traditional norms and practices of the family/community.

The parties, particularly, the Chimwamurombe family, wish to inform the public that this is an extremely difficult moment for them, and would, therefore, sincerely request the media to afford the parties private space as they walk with Doves through the process of establishing the true facts of what transpired in the burial of the deceased.

The parties acknowledge that this matter is of public interest and, therefore, undertake to jointly inform the nation of any progress in the matter, if necessary, through a duly authorized spokesperson. Both parties hereby retract all their previous correspondences to each other and published statements against the other.

For the avoidance of doubt and being specific, the Chimwamurombe family hereby retract, and withdraws from the public and reverses the allegations contained in the letter concerning the burial, authored by Chimwamurombe Legal Practice, dated 26 October 2021. and addressed to Doves Holdings.

Similarly, Doves Funeral Services (Pvt) Ltd hereby retract, withdraws and reverses the allegations contained in the letter authored by Mutamangira and Associates Legal Practitioners dated 28 October 2021, and addressed to Messrs Chimwamurombe Legal Practice.

Wherefore no claims for damages shall arise from the retractions of the Published statements from either party or any other party who may have relied on the statements of both or one of the parties. Further, no party shall institute criminal proceedings or civil claims against the other, or neither shall any party pursue already instituted criminal or civil proceedings, if any, emanating from the engagement of the parties.

Parties are engaged in fact finding and establishing the truth in this matter.

Issued by Doves Funeral Services Private Limited and T. Chiturumani of Chiturumani Zvavanoda Law Chambers (infoki, on behalf of Memory Chimwamurombe and her family at Harare on this 6th day of November 2021.