WATCH: Tinashe Jonas Floored By Shepherd Yuda
12 November 2021
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The ZANU PF activist, Tinashe Jonas was Thursday night engaged in a debate in which he went face to face with the television whistleblower and Forensic Scientist, Shepherd Yuda.

Free 3 years of numerous requests, Jonas (TJ) was finally welcomed into a news review session for the first time following scores of notorieties, including voice and picture morphings defaming journalists, and key national leaders.

The introduction by ZimEye’s Simba Chikanza (SC) went as follows-

SC: We’ve got a guest who comes on ZimEye for the first time in history, Tinashe Jonasi. Finally Sir you’re here.

TJ: Yes, I am here… I am excited, I’m breaking my ZimEye virginity.

SC: Okay, I was checking today, on my phone in my inbox, looking for your number and noticed you first contacted me in Feb 2018, I didn’t reply, didn’t pick up your calls. But then today I decided, let me just speak and let’s just let Mr Tinashe Jonasi understand that I am not an enemy of the state as you have painted me.


SC: You have painted me as an enemy of the country, you have called me that, you have called me every name under heaven.

TJ: Yeah, that’s true, so it came as shocker when you called me. I just thought it is one of your gimmicks because you’re good also, Hollywood stunts…