Full Text: MDC Alliance Targets Gokwe- Chireya
13 November 2021

Mdc Alliance continues to shine in Gokwe Chireya as mobilisation and recruitment drive intensifies.

13 November 2021

On Thursday the 11th of November social democrats in the marginalised rural Gokwe Chireya confirmed their revolutionary appetite to recruit, mobilise and radicalise citizens as part of Citizens Convergence for Change. National democratic fighters converged at Zanda in Gokwe to deliberate on the best strategy to encourage citizens to register to vote in 2023, vote for change in 2023 and defend their hardworn victory from perennial electoral fraudsters in Zanupf.

Mdc Alliance Namibia would like to appreciate the revolutionary commitment and dedication exhibited by the current Mdc Alliance Botswana District Chairperson John Pamire who always gives moral, material and financial support to the constituency every time they hold these recruitment meetings. Refreshments and food are a priority as a source of revolutionary energy since it is a door to door campaign targeting 6 million voters for change. Our party policy is very clear on the dire need for the diaspora support back home as individuals, branches, districts and provinces. We salute Chairperson John Pamire for walking social democracy by embracing positive interdependence.

On behalf of Namibia district, I would like to acknowledge the diligence represented by the organic Gokwe District Secretary General Masoso for being there with the people whenever they undertake these mobilisation and recruitment drives. It is now the opportune time to have all hands on the deck. The agenda of the meeting at Zanda Gokwe Chireya was to encourage social democrats to participate in the national discourse through voting since it is part of independence. The meeting was a build up to the anticipated Constituency rally that will see all citizens converging to reenergise the political base.

It is our focus as the people’s party to invade those marginalised rural communities that are purported to be Zanupf strongholds. As Mdc Alliance Namibia we already committed to partner Uzumba Maramba Pfungwe ahead of the harmonised elections in 2023. Gokwe Chireya Zanda yati Ngaapinde hake mukomana. A New Great Zimbabwe is possible with Gokwe Chireya contributing meaningfully to the national democratic revolution. Lets all embrace participatory democracy to win Zimbabwe for complete change. President Advocate Nelson Chamisa is the only political generator who can restore the broken social contract and put the economy on a sounder footing.

Social democrats in Gokwe Chireya were also encouraged to verify with Zec to confirm the presence of their names in the voters roll to avoid being turned away on the voting day. The response was quite exhilarating. Thanks pragmatic leadership for walking the talk.









Mdc Alliance Namibia
Rundu Branch Spokesperson
Robson Ruhanya