Pressure Group Dismisses Private Voluntary Organizations Bill: Full Text
15 November 2021
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Zimbabwe Election Advocacy Trust Information Desk

The recently gazetted Private Voluntary Organizations ( PVO) bill is very draconian, uconstitutional
and unfortunate .

It is against Section 58 of the Constitution of Zimbabwe and as such is null and void.

We will fight this bill at the courts of justice as soon as it’s signed into law.Civic society doesn’t report to the government and has no obligation to do that at law.We view this as an attemp to control, smoother and create a pliant civic society.

As ZEAT we also want to chide the Parliament which has since lost integrity and legitimacy as most of it’s members don’t represent the people.

As civic society, we will continue fighting for the rights of the people of Zimbabwe as enshrined in the Constitution.We refuse to be cowed.ZEAT…fostering democratic elections!