Zanu PF, Police Disrupt President Chamisa Meetings
19 November 2021

Tinashe Sambiri|As has become the norm ZRP cops and Zanu PF hooligans attempted to block President Chamisa’s community engagement meetings in Matabeleland North.

President Chamisa is conducting community engagement programmes in Nkayi and selected parts of Matabeleland North Province.

On Wednesday President Chamisa wrote on Twitter:

“I’M IN NKAYI, MATNORTH..Just had fulfilling citizens and community interface meetings listening to citizens’ concerns, hopes and aspirations.

Great conversations at Nkayi Centre,Vova,Tohwe, Zwelabo and Gwelutshena.Nkayi is ready for change. A New Great Zimbabwe is loading..”

The MDC Alliance condemned organised acts of violence against the People’s President.

Today( Wednesday), as President
commenced his tour of Matabeleland North, hired Zanu PF things barricaded roads, co-opted police officers & disrupted the President’s meetings with community leaders at Nkayi Centre.

The primitive politics of violence & intolerance must stop,” said the party.