Zanu PF MP Forces Schoolchildren To Attend Rally
21 November 2021
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Tinashe Sambiri| MDC Alliance vice chairperson Hon Job Sikhala has described Mr Emmerson Mnangagwa as an unelectable leader.

Johnson Madhuku

Mr Mnangagwa is heartless and insensitive to the plight of suffering citizens, according to Hon Sikhala.

Former President Robert Mugabe, despised for tormenting thousands of opposition supporters, warned the nation of Mr Mnangagwa’s callousness.

“Mugabe died after warning us kuti munhu uyu ane hutsinye. He doesn’t deserve to be anyone’s leader.

He forced Majonga to sit on a hot stove & 2 jump frm the 2nd floor because of a woman.

We ridiculed Mugabe because of his unpardonable sins but we see it today. Blaz havaiti ava,” Hon Sikhala said.

He also accused Zanu PF MP for Bikita East, Johnson Madhuku of forcing schoolchildren to attend a party rally.

“The Bikita East ZANU PF Member of Parliament Madhuku threatened schools to give him children to address them at his flopped RALLY.

This abuse of school children must stop as soon as possible.

Children want to learn to build a foundation for their future not zvematoto izvi.”