Death threats: Activists Fear For Their Life
29 November 2021
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By A Correspondent | A recent SOS sent by ZINASU national coordinator Samuel Gwenzi on his micro blogging portal on Facebook has revealed that he has received death threats from unknown men suspected to be state security agents.

Since the 2018 disputed election, the state has unleashed terror on its citizens.

Gwenzi says he was on his way from launching the ongoing election campaign, while with Mr. Gift Siziva, a consultant programs officer of the student union and a former student leader on how to run the campaign.

The two were prowled after along L. Takawira road towards Harare west when two armed men ordered them to stop their political activities or failure which they will be killed.

“Be careful or else this is the end” said one of the men as they left.

They two have since sworn to continue with their work even in the face of danger.