2021 Bonuses: Mnangagwa Deceives Civil Servants ?
2 December 2021
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Tinashe Sambiri|Scores of civil servants are stranded in the city of Masvingo as they are battling to access their bonuses in US dollars.

Meandering queues were seen by ZimEye.com on Thursday morning in the ancient city with government workers eagerly waiting for cash.

Irate civil servants accuse Mr Emmerson Mnangagwa’s administration of reneging on promises made…

” We have been here since morning and nothing has materialized.The bank manager has told us that there is no cash.

The matter is complicated. We have been told to wait but this has become monotonous,” fumed one government worker.

Civil servants from Zimbabwe Prisons and Correctional Services(ZPCS) expressed dismay at the failure to access their bonuses in US dollars.

“Something is wrong somewhere. We are here at Agribank and nothing is taking place.

We don’t know what’s taking going on…,” said a ZPCS official who declined to be named.

Government assured civil servants they would get their bonuses in US dollars.

However, political analysts and economists say the broke regime does not have the capacity to pay government workers the said bonuses.

Mr Mnangagwa