ZRP Cop Refuses To Arrest Nyasha Zhambe Killers
3 December 2021
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Tinashe Sambiri|MDC Alliance vice president Hon Tendai Biti has challenged the ZRP to act in a professional manner.

Hon Biti urged police to arrest known Zanu PF hooligans who abducted and tortured Nyasha Zhambe to death.

According to Team Pachedu, one Chief Inspector Cames Myambo is refusing to arrest the ZANU-PF thugs who abducted, tortured and killed Nyasha Zhambe.

Writing on Twitter, Hon Biti denounced the brutal murder of Zhambe by Zanu PF agents.

“Nyasha Zhambe Mawere was brutally murdered by the regime’s thugs on 27 Nov.Regime did not arrest perpetrators but chose to arrest his brother. Impunity & selective application of the law have sunk to a new low under Emmerson Mnangagwa s regime .We demand justice for Nyasha .

Section 208 of Constitution makes it clear that neither Security Services nor any of their members may a)act in a partisan manner b)further interests of any political party or cause c) prejudice lawful interest of any party c)violate fundamental rights or freedoms of any person,” Hon Biti said.

He also described the Zanu PF regime as clueless and vacuous.

“Yet another hopeless , loony decision made by a desperate vacuous regime. We have always argued that decisions on highly technical matters must be left to science and science alone ,not sorcery or witchcraft.Closing borders is no solution but vaccines & more vaccines .#ZanuPFMustGo

We have always maintained that somewhere in Emmerson s office is a government department created to make citizens suffer.This is clearly the busiest unit of this regime.Fact is we deserve better , we can do better .

ZIMBABWE IS CLOSED: Zimbabwe’s Cabinet has just made an extraordinary decision that all visitors and returning residents will undergo – at own cost – a mandatory PCR test and quarantine at designated facilities for WHO recommended days (14 currently). Curfew 9PM to 6AM.”

Cames Myambo