Remembering Dewa Mavhinga
6 December 2021
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By Maureen Kademaunga

The first time I saw you, 13 years ago, I was due to speak on period poverty at a Dignity Period Campaign Rally at Trafalgar Square, London.

I was young, inexperienced and obviously nervous but you patiently coached me on how best to deliver my message with passion.

On the same day you told me two things about yourself that always intrigued me; that you were a feminist and that you had once worked for a women’s organisation – both facts were very strange phenomena to my then young mind.

On 19 November of 2017, I shared a platform with you in Johannesburg where we spoke strongly against building the blocks of a Zimbabwean democracy on the foundation of a coup; but unlike Trafalgar, there was no pre-coaching yet your small nodes as I spoke were so assuring and took me back to the first day I met you. It was then that I realised how you had always been there since Trafalgar Sq, offering gentle and sober mentorship, like the big brother that you were to all.

An incredible story teller and a great listener too, principled & passionate civic leader, the world is poorer without you Dewa Mavhinga

Dewa Mavhinga