Full Text: Teachers Wary Of Escalating COVID-19 Cases
9 December 2021
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Escalation of Covid-19 Cases in Schools in Zimbabwe, Worrisome

8 December 2021

The escalation of covid cases in schools is worrisome, and so is failure to adopt a broad intervention plan to combat covid-19 pandemic. In Masvingo province, Mucheke High, Gokomere High, Mutero High, and several other schools in Chivi district are currently under seige from covid-19 pandemic, while many more schools such as Victoria High, Gutu High, Deure High etc are still smarting from recent covid-19 pandemic cases, just as many other schols across the country. It is clear that lack of covid-19 abatement equipment in schools, lack of constant running water, bloated classes and conjested hostels are major issues behind the spread of covid in schools. Forget about Standard Operation Procedures, they are non-existent in most schools in Zimbabwe. There is a quandary in schools over invigilation of covid-19 positive students with many teachers forced to invigilate without protective gear. Many teachers have subsequently contracted the virus. Such command and control tactics have, therefore, endangered the health and safety of other pupils and teachers in schools. As Ptuz we urge gvt to come up with a broad strategic intervention plan rather than live in denial or lies peddled by Taungana Ndoro. If nothing is done as a matter of urgency, there is danger that schools may be virtually abandoned by teachers, or totally converted into quarantine centres rather than function as institutions of learning and teaching. At any rate, it is our conviction that teachers must be paid for invigilating public examinations run by Zimsec. A health and safety threat to one teacher and one student, is a threat to all teachers and students in Zimbabwe.


Dr Takavafira M. Zhou, Ptuz President