Haulage Truck Rams Into ZINARA Tollgate
14 December 2021
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The Zimbabwe National Roads Administration (Zinara) was on Sunday forced to temporarily suspend toll fees collection after a haulage truck crashed Esigodini tollgate injuring two employees.

The incident plunged the tollgate into darkness as infrastructure was destroyed.

A haulage truck driver who was coming from Gwanda heading to Bulawayo is said to have crashed into the tollgate structure soon after making the payment.

A Chronicle news crew visited the toll plaza yesterday afternoon and observed that
the booth in the Gwanda-Bulawayo Lane had been destroyed.

Zinara employees were yesterday manually collecting the toll fees and putting the
cash in bags.

Computers which they normally use to detect vehicle registration numbers were also

There was no electricity as cables were damaged as a result of the accident.

Zinara spokesperson, Mr Tendai Mugabe said the incident occurred just after 9PM.
“It (the haulage truck) arrived at the tollgate and stopped at the toll point where the
driver paid the toll fees.

When he was just about to leave the tollgate, we don’t know what happened he just
accelerated and hit the tolling booth injuring our two cashiers,” said Mr Mugabe.

He said the truck crashed the barriers that protect the booth and in the process
damaged the computers.

“It plunged the whole tolling site into darkness because the accident also affected
electricity cables. We temporarily suspended toll fees collection and resumed
manually later,” said Mr Mugabe.

He said Zinara technicians were on the ground to assess the damage and fix the

The tollgate is being expanded into a four-way to reduce traffic congestion.

-State Media