CHADCOMBE SHOOTING SHOCKER: Firearm That Killed 3 Robbers Belongs To Scott Sakupwanya
15 December 2021
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Scott Sakupwanya

Scott Sakupwanya

By Business Reporter | The firearm used to gun down the 3 suspected armed robbers at ex cop Joseph Menaise’s home, belongs to the gold tycoon, Scott Sakupwanya, ZimEye reveals.

The Chadcombe ex cop who gunned down three suspected robbers last week, Joseph Nemaise is grilled by Simba Chikanza in the below interview

Simba Chikanza: What were you doing with that type of a weapon (stribog) late in the night in Chisipite?

Joseph Nemaise: Oh, at times I have to do legal work for my friends at Better Brands Jewellery, I just do their legal work.

So it was one of those visits at no 72 Cambridge Road, Mandara; I happend to be at Better Brands offices and whilst there that was when I received a call from my son, Courage. He just phoned using my wife’s phone and said, Daddy Daddy, tapindirwa, tapindirwa nembavha, then he just cut off the phone. So one of the security guards employed by Better Brands, was just nearby; and you know I was carrying a simple 9 mm girsan pistol.

I was carrying a simple girsan pistol with only 7 rounds, and I simply told myself, this firearm is inadequate; so I had to ask one of the security guards at Better Brands security to come with me, and accompany me to my house.

SC: So you actually had someone with you then? You actually had someone with you?

Joseph Nemaise: Yes I asked Newman to quickly jump onto the car with me because he was armed with that rifle. It’s just a 9mm rifle and it uses the same rounds with a 9mm pistol… FULL 70 MINUTE INTERVIEW ON WWW.ZIMEYE.NET