Police Recover Stolen Beasts
15 December 2021
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By A Correspondent- Police in Manicaland have recovered 21 stolen cattle from Buhera under Chief Nyashanu at a roadblock along the Dorowa and Hwedza route.

The stolen cattle were being driven to the capital, Harare.

Manicaland acting provincial police spokesperson assistant inspector Wiseman Chinyoka confirmed the issue today.

The complainants in the matter are Richard Kusisa (61) from Hanyire village under Chief Nyashanu, and Pwanyiwa Nzembe (age not given) from Mushaka village under chief Nyashanu in Buhera.

Chinyoka said the accused are Jani Mumanyi (37), and brothers Austin Nepai, Blessed Nepai and Joseph Nepai, all from Buhera.  The fifth accused is Gladmore Dzenzi (32) from Mutoko.

He said on December 10, 2021, the four accused persons went to Kusisa’s homestead and stole four cattle.  They also proceeded to Nzembe’s homestead and stole 17 cattle.

They drove the cattle to a forest where the accused persons met Dzenzi who had come from Harare with a truck.

They loaded 11 cattle in the trucks and left for Harare using the Dorowa and Hwedza route.  One of them was left guarding the other 10 cows in the forest.

As they passed through the Mukamba roadblock between Dorowa and Hwedza, they were stopped by the police.

During a search at the roadblock, the police noticed that the description of the cattle in the truck did not match with what was on the clearance form.

Accused number three then escaped from the scene, while three other accused persons were arrested.

 “We have since arrested all four accused persons, and we have launched a manhunt for the third accused person who escaped from the roadblock scene.  We have recovered all the 21 cattle and the accused persons are set to appear in court in Buhera,” he said.-newsday