LIVE: VP Chiwenga Threatens President Mnangagwa Uncle
17 December 2021
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Vice President Chiwenga Threatens Chief Murinye.

By Correspondent
The Vice President Constantino Chiwenga has issued a chilling threat to Chief Murinye born Ephius Munodawafa for asking President Emmerson Mnangagwa to reign in corrupt people surrounding him. 



Chiwenga took time out of his prepared speech to lambast Chief Murinye for calling for corrupt senior government officials to be arrested.


Murinye is president Mnangagwa’s uncle.

Chief Murinye bravely warned the President that if he does not reign in the corrupt bad apples in the government He will not make it in 2023. Apparently irked by this call Chiwenga called upon minister of local government to institute investigations against Chief Murinye.

In a more shocking deliberate breach of the rule of Law Chiwenga ordered the disciplinary committee to find Murinye guilty before he was even tried. Such attitude from Chiwenga is the one giving the nation a bad name.
Commenting on Chiwenga’s outburst MR John Taderera a Constitutional Lawyer said “ Chiwenga has lost the plot. If he is urging a committee which has not been set to find Chief Murinye guilty who hasn’t been tried. Then things fall apart. Is this the New dispensation at work. It’s a shame”
Margaret NCUBE of the Woman’s action said “ The way Chiwenga bullies institutions of justice shows that Marry Chiwenga has no chance in Zimbabwean courts. We have been saying the courts are compromised. What can you say now. Chiwenga orders Murinye to be convicted before trial begins.”



Chief Murinye was recorded during the funeral of MR Gonye who was in charge of Pension Fund. In a graveside speech Murinye said Gonye was in charge of billions of dollars yet he had a very modesty house. He went on to say there are some people around the president who are corrupt. The president must reign them in. If he does not do that now 2023 will be hard to win Murinye paused a question. A rhetoric question. “ shall we ask Valerio Sibanda to come and arrest the thieves surrounding the president”. These are the words Murinye is being tormented for.



Ironically the man who led a move against thieves surrounding the president in 2017 is the one now freaking out when a suggestion of the same is raised.
“The thieves surrounding the president are deliberately taking the words of Chief Murinye out of contest, ” daid Paradzai Chimonyo an ex soldier now in the UK.



Chief Murinye has since apologised for the misunderstanding but he reiterated that the thieves around his uncle the president must be reigned in.


The presidential spokesman MR George Charamba could not be reached on his phone.


Commenting on the speech of chief Murinye Naison Mapani a lawyer in London said there is no crime in the statement of Chief Murinye.


Speaking on the condition of anonymity one Chief said “ What Murinye said is not the problem. The problem is Chief Charumbira has fed Chiwenga with falsehoods. In the briefing before Chiwenga addressed the Chiefs Conference Charumbira told Chiwenga that Murinye has been boasting that he is the descendant of Monomotapa and thus untouchable. Armed with this gossip Chiwenga dug into Murinye. 


President MNANGAGWA has declared war against Corruption and he should be happy with the whistle blowing by Murinye.
The threats by Chiwenga is a blow to the fight against corruption. 


This strikes very cold chills down the spines of Zimbabweans as it reminds people about Mugabe era where any whistle blower was labelled a traitor or MDC. Grace became infamous when she tormented ED for calling for the arrest of Jonathan Moyo for Fraud and corruption.

Chief Murinye could not be contacted for comment.