Mwazha Church: Members Forced To Vote Mnangagwa.
21 December 2021
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ZanuPF Hypocrisy At Mwazha Apostolic Church!!

A video which went viral on social media of an unknown ZanuPF leader claiming that Apostle Paul Mwazha WeAfrica of African Apostolic Church ordered members to vote ZanuPF must be condemned as desperate blasphemy and high satanic hypocrisy.

Paul Mwazha

Paul Mwazha is a very intelligent, spiritual and man of integrity who does not sink so low to ZanuPF desperation. ZanuPF must stop to drag Paul Mwazha to try to save their sinking political ship.

Mwazha is one spiritual and religious man of God who has since the formation of MDC has never had time to comment on political party politics. Paul Mwazha has maintained his spiritual anointment to all Zimbabweans .All Zimbabweans who have visited his church have been treated as blessing seeking sons and daughters of God.He never segregated on political lines.

Paul Mwazha is old but still very spiritually anointed. What should have surprised many Zimbabweans is that ZanuPF has declared themselves the spokesperson of Paul Mwazha to his church members.

In normal , an Apostolic Church leader should have addressed the congregation of Paul Mwazha’s message not a desperate ZanuPF leader.No Paul Mwazha church leader commented in approval of the claimed ZanuPF statement.

Paul Mwazha knew he had high ranking MDC Alliance leaders in his church. Paul Mwazha prayed for better fortunes before elections for some of his members who contested as MDC Alliance councillors and Members of Parliament.

ZanuPF’s desperation , seriously sensing and all signs indicating defeat to MDC Alliance Presidential candidate Nelson Chamisa has forced them to seek endorsement of Mnangagwa from religious leaders.This has forced ZanuPF to rope in controversial Prophets lìke Passion Java, Makomichi (known as mupfuhwira Prophet), Madungwe (who claim kuita Braai naMwari), Apostle Wutaunashe and many others.

🇿🇼🤚🇿🇼Patriotic Papa JC speaks when things are not good