LEAKED- ZUPCO Driver Threatens Passengers | FULL TEXT
28 December 2021
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Below is the recorded heated conversation between a ZUPCO bus driver and passengers. Do you know this driver?

DRIVER: Are you the one who said this?

Zupco bus

FEMALE PASSENGER: Sorry man of God, sorry.

DRIVER: Which speed are you talking about, that I was traveling at, which you spotted while you are there, sat back there?

FEMALE PASSENGER: The person has messed up sorry.

DRIVER: Which speed? Answer me right now.

MALE PASSENGER: The matter has been settled, come on.

MALE PASSENGER: The matter has been settled, you have said it already.

DRIVER: I am the one who was speeding can you tell me what speed I was travelling at. I want to know what speed I was traveling at.


DRIVER: You must explain to me the speed that you are accused me for driving at.

I go as far as Beitbridge with this bus pulling a trailer behind. You are coming from Arda here where you teach, you are now seeing me as one of your students that you want to teach how to drive? You want to teach me?

You want to teach me? I said do you want to teach me? Is this my first trip to Arda?

The person who screamed out must come out and come here here, after they have spoken that is when we will take off.

ELDERLY WOMAN: Everyone [must be punished]?

DRIVER: Because the speed I was travelling at can only be visible over here; those who are behind cannot see anything.

Tell me the speed.

DRIVER: You teachers are the ones that I’m asking because you are the ones who were saying this.

There’s no one else who said this apart from the teachers.

You teachers who teach at Arda.

I don’t want to touch those who are innocent I am addressing teachers.

Tomorrow if I dump you where I dump you, do not hate me, do you understand?

Kombis will come and pick you up I cannot be refereed by you. Do you understand ?

I am not a school child. You rule your men over there that you lie to. Don’t just try to control anyone you meet. You understand? Make sure you behave well next time.