MDC Alliance Speaks On Harassment Of Gutu Teacher
5 January 2022
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Tinashe Sambiri|The MDC Alliance has strongly condemned the persecution of Serima High School teacher Batsiranai Ngugama by Central Intelligence bosses in Gutu.

Senior intelligence officers, Zanu PF MP John Paradza, Chief Serima and one Chivhande instructed the Education Ministry to transfer Ngugama with immediate effect.

Ngungama was also labelled a security threat by the Central Intelligence Organization.

MDC Alliance Youth Assembly spokesperson Stephen Sarkozy Chuma described the harassment of Ngugama as barbaric.

” How can you claim a high school teacher is a security threat? The regime is running scared.

The regime should concentrate on improving the welfare of teachers. Bully- boy tactics will only worsen the deepening social unrest.

Mr Mnangagwa’s administration has dismally failed to transform the economy,” said Chuma.

MDC Alliance Masvingo Province Youth Assembly spokesperson Timoth Muswere also denounced the persecution of Ngugama by the Zanu PF regime.