Madziwa Villagers Resist Local Chief’s Funeral Snub Judgement
6 January 2022
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By – Madziwa villagers have resisted paying fines imposed on them by their local Chief, who convicted them of snubbing a funeral.

Chief Madziwa controversially fined 11 members for snubbing a funeral in his area.

The villagers have since said they would appeal to Chief Madziwa’s ruling.

The 11 From Zunde B Village were convicted of snubbing a funeral in the neighbouring Zunde A village and working their fields instead.

Chief Madziwa fined the villagers goats, a judgement they strongly oppose, arguing it was not mandatory to attend funerals.

The villagers also complained that the fine was not applied uniformly, with some of them asked to pay more goats than others for the same ‘crime.’

They have threatened to appeal against the judgement. – New Ziana