We Have A Bigger Fight Than We Imagined: Mako
9 January 2022
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The just freed MDC Alliance activist Makomborero Haruzivishe has rallied Zimbabweans to fight for freedom and independence saying his prison experience has helped him realize that there is need to put more effort to defeat the regime.

Speaking just outside Harare remand prison following his release after 10 months and 22 days, Haruzivishe said the fight for freedom in Zimbabwe is bigger than he imagined.

“Getting into prison for this prolonged period, enabled me to see that we have a bigger fight than what we actually imagined, especially within our Justice system, we have a bigger fight and we have to pull up our socks and we need to be more concentrated,” said Haruzivishe.

He called for grassroots education on the problems facing the country which he said emanated from military state capture.

“We need to be even more radical in terms of organising in terms of educating the masses for them to understand the problem that we are in which chiefly emanate from military state capture,” said Haruzivishe.

The former student leader was incarcerated in February last year and it took Professor Lovemore Madhuku to push for his bail application which was finally granted on Friday setting him free from prison walls which had become his new home.

Meanwhile, Madhuku’s representation of Haruzivishe has attracted mixed feelings with some hailing his selflessness while others felt he succeeded because the state was sympathetic to him.