2 Reasons Why Owen Ncube Was Fired.
11 January 2022
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ANALYSIS : The relieved State Security Minister, Owen Ncube last Saturday drove 2 kombis full a group of machete wielding men to a Zanu PF winery in Shurugwi to violently threaten everyone against him following the just ended party primary polls.

48hrs later, Mudha was addressing a meeting of Directors on Monday morning when George Charamba’s signed letter was delivered firing him.

Another reason why he was removed is that he was also implicated in the sudden death of the ZIDA Director Douglas Munetsi.

Mudha and Local Govt minister, July Moyo are on record approaching Munatsi 2 days before his sudden death. An impeccable source tells ZimEye:

Munatsi told me 2 days before his death that he was approached by Ncube and July Moyo saying the gold deal he was about to conclude , he must pause it and buy gold from Dubai belonging to Mudha and Tagwirei.

Mnangagwa on Saturday was told this man who killed the man you hired, Munatsi, has become a problem, you need to remove him. So Mnangagwa had to fire him because of that.

Ncube was the 2nd most protected after the Vice President.

A commentator speaking to ZimEye said Ncube possessed neither wisdom nor education.