Owen Ncube Fired For Sponsoring Bloodshed
11 January 2022
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By- The former Minister of State for National Security Owen Ncube was fired for promoting violence in the period running to the December 28 Zanu PF provincial elections in the Midlands province, the state media has revealed.

Mudha, during that period, is said to have sponsored internal party terror groups that caused havoc in Midlands.

Several party meetings in the Midlands province were aborted after vicious fights caused by the pro-Ncube faction had erupted.

President Emmerson Mnangagwa Monday, fired Ncube for what he only called “conduct that was deemed inappropriate for a Minister of Government”.

But the state media said Mudha was fired for sponsoring violence.

“Although no specific reason was given for the dismissal, there are reports he may have been removed for his role in recent political disturbances in the Midlands Province during Zanu PF’s provincial polls,” the Herald reports.

Political analyst and resource consultant for Chitepo School of Ideology, Mr Goodwine Mureriwa said the dismissal of Cde Ncube was a wakeup call for everyone in position to work in accordance with the mandate of their position.
“Though I am not privy to the reasons behind his dismissal, what I can say is that this is a wakeup call to everyone in positions of authority to work in accordance with the dictates of their jobs.
“President Mnangagwa has made it very clear that his administration will provide servant leadership, working for the people as well as serving in a manner that develops the country and the economy at large.
“The President is hands on and when he makes such a decision he will be fully aware of what is going on and maybe what the person was doing is at variance with what he was appointed for.

“In my view I think this will go a long way in reminding people, whatever positions they occupy that they should always work for the good of the party and Government, the President has shown that he will not hesitate to crack the whip for corrective measures,” said Mr Mureriwa.
Cde Ncube was first appointed to Government as Midlands Minister of State for Provincial Affairs and Devolution in 2017.
The Gokwe Kana, House of Assembly member was re-assigned to head the Ministry of State for National Security in 2018, a position he held until his dismissal yesterday.