Mother In-law, Daughter Circumcise Daughter’s Hubby With A Bottle
12 January 2022
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By- Zvishavane resident magistrate Mr Archie Wochiunga has remanded Laida Mwedzi and her daughter Gladys Shava in custody after the two appeared before him on charges of attempted murder.

The charges arose after the two attacked the daughter’s lover and “circumcised” him as punishment for accidentally spilling an illicit brew they were drinking.

Mwedzi (45) and Shava (26) from Vengai Village in the Mazvihwa area were not asked to plead, and were remanded in custody to January 17.

Mr Wochiunga advised them to apply for bail at the High Court.

The mother and daughter are accused of attempting to kill Onias Hove (46), whom they allegedly knocked unconscious after striking him on the head with an empty beer bottle and subsequently cutting off his foreskin with a broken bottle on Christmas Day.

It was the State’s case that at around 6PM on Christmas Day, Mwedzi and Hove got into an argument at her homestead after he accidentally spilled an illicit brew known as Double Punch, which they were drinking.

An incensed Mwedzi allegedly grabbed an empty beer bottle and struck Hove once on the head and he collapsed.

Her daughter Shava allegedly jumped on Hove and choked him until he lost consciousness.

They allegedly used a broken beer bottle to cut off Hove’s foreskin while he was still unconscious.

When he regained consciousness, Mwedzi and Shava threatened Hove with more unspecified harm if he sought medical attention or reported the matter to police, promising to use traditional medicine to heal his wound.

Hove, however, reported the matter to the police when he left their homestead resulting in the arrest of the mother and daughter pair.

Mr Isheanesu Mashayanye appeared for the State.