Mwonzora Clinches On To MDC-Alliance Party Name
12 January 2022
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By- MDC-T leader Douglas Mwonzora has cliched on to the MDC-Alliance party name and said that no other party is allowed to use the name MDC or its derivatives in any election. 

Mwonzora announced this ahead of the March 26 by-elections in which MDC Alliance led by Nelson Chamisa intends to participate. 

Below is Mwonzora’s letter to the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission blocking Chamisa from using the name MDC-Alliance:

Re: Signatories for Candidates For the Movement for Democratic Change

We advise that in the forthcoming by-elections we intend to field candidates in Parliament and Local Government. We are the owners of the Movement for Democratic Change name. Over the years there has had so many derivatives put on it. However, the leadership of this party was defined by the Supreme Court in the judgment in SC 56/20. Pursuant to this judgment the party held its Extraordinary Congress on the 27’h of December 2020 where I was elected the substantive President of the Party. By virtue of the Composite Political Agreement signed on the 5’h of August 2017 and the subsequent meetings of the MDC Alliance, I assumed the leadership of the MDC Alliance.

We, therefore, advise that our signatories for the candidates of the Movement for Democratic Change and its derivatives in the coming elections and by-elections are:

Douglas Togaraseyi Mwonzora — President 

Morgen Komichi — National Chairman 

Paurina Mpariwa — Secretary-General 

Ghandi Mudzingwa — Secretary for Elections

We advise that no one else is allowed to sign for and present candidates for and on behalf of the MDC, any of its derivatives and the MDC Alliance.

We attach hereto the relevant signature forms for your information. 1 also attach the constitution of the MDC, the Supreme Court judgment and the Alliance Agreement.