Ngarivhume Deserves Freedom
15 January 2022

The trial of Jacob Ngarivhume

Fungai Muridzo
The trial of Jacob Ngarivhume has become a classic example of political persecution by the ZANU PF regime.

Two years after his arrest on some flimsy charges of inciting public violence, the state is yet to gather enough evidence to prosecute him. It is now absolutely clear that there was no crime committed by Ngarivhume.

Today he appeared again at Harare Magistrates Court for another kangaroo court session. He was shunted from one court to another as no Magistrate seemed prepared to grant him his long overdue freedom.

The special anti-corruption prosecutors assigned by the state on the case could not be located! A new Magistrate who finally set for the case was clueless as to how the case was to proceed.

The defence demanded that the case be removed from further remand. This will be made on the next court appearance on 17 January 2022. Surely its circus. ZANU PF has no shame. Ngarivhume deserves his freedom!