Mnangagwa Threatens To Impose Mandatory Covid-19 vaccination
16 January 2022
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By- President Emmerson Mnangagwa has threatened to make COVID-19 vaccination mandatory, saying his government has sourced enough vaccinations to inoculate everyone.
Mnangagwa made the threats while addressing a Zanu PF politburo meeting in Harare on Saturday.
He said:
Altogether we have now received over 12 million doses from China as donations. So there is no need for anybody to remain unvaccinated.
There are so many vaccine doses that we will soon be stopping people on the streets to vaccinate them.

I would like to commend those who have heeded my clarion call to get a booster vaccine dose.
Government will continue mobilising vaccines to ensure that lives and livelihoods are saved and protected.

In the same issue of risk reduction, I call upon the nation to get vaccinated against COVID-19 and adhere to the set containment measures.