Police Arrest Aspiring MDC Alliance Councillor
18 January 2022
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MDC Alliance member Aleck Tabe and Nerupandai have been arrested by law and order police today.

MDC Alliance members persecution escalates as by elections draw near.

17 January 2021

Wezhira Munya

Masvingo Criminal Investigation Department police officers have arrested ward 4 member Mr Alec Tabe and ward 4 coordinator.

Alec Tabe is represented by Advocate Mafa and Nerupandai is represented by Advocate Martin Mureri.

Nerupandai and Tabe have arrested based on the allegations that , they convened a MDC Alliance meeting yesterday in Masvingo urban violating Covid regulations.

Current Tabe and Nerupandai are in Masvingo central police station.

Many MDC Alliance members have been arrested. However, Zanu PF and MDC T Mwonzora are holding meetings freely without police interference.

This shows that MDC Alliance under President Chamisa is being treated as Boko Haram organisation.

President Mnangagwa has declared that, 26th March 2022 is a day for by elections.

It boggles the mind , why MDC Alliance members are arrested when they are doing party programs.