William Chinyanga Walks Out Of Court A Free Man As Jury Crashes Into Deadlock
28 January 2022
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By A Correspondent | The case in which CCC supporter William Chinyanga is on trial on charges of inciting terrorism in Zimbabwe, flopped on Friday morning when the jury deadlocked on reaching a verdict.

The case will now go for a retrial or for the prosecutors to determine whether to re launch it.

The judge, the prosecutors and police officers were openly challenged in court by ZimEye’s Simba Chikanza who alleged that they are abusing the justice system to promote real terrorism in Zimbabwe, the very same charges they are trying Chinyanga for.

Chinyanga is on trial for incitement to terrorism over utterances he made after being personally threatened with military level violence (bombings, shootings and beatings) by UK based ZANU PF terrorists, and 3 months later later just after CCC President Nelson Chamisa suffered a live ammunition attack in Marondera on 1 Dec 2019.

It is the Defendant’s case that he was simply jesting back the same strong language flung at him and his colleagues, other opposition activists.

A twelve member jury on Friday morning failed to deliver their verdict following several resits since Tuesday.


The ZimEye news network waged a fight against prosecutors due to the overwhelming evidence that the case is nothing other than an attempt to abuse the British Justice system to generate fake news in Zimbabwe which in turn promotes real terrorism and genocide in Zimbabwe.

At the beginning of the hearing last Wednesday, one of police officers who arrested William Chinyanga sped out of court upon spotting Simba Chikanza in the premises to acknowledge to him that he has truly received phonecalls over the nearly 2 year period, and (while sounding out as if he has been interested in hearing further witness evidence) claimed saying he telephoned back in 2019 but there was no voice mail facility to take in messages. There was confusion when he at the same time demanded that Chikanza should not be allowed to testify, saying the interpreter is enough to give witness evidence.

Chikanza asked how possible that was for his official phone to fail to go into voicemail, something that can be proven with the network provider, and why the officer failed to send text messages. The officer said he does not send text messages, to which Chikanza charged saying there is far more communication to the officer in the form of emails and physical visits to police stations, plus link ups with police, prosecutors, and even the Attorney General.

The officer left to go back into court saying he will liaise with the Defence Barrister. An hour later, the court security said they would allow Chikanza into the court gallery to which the latter refused saying it could thereby jeopardize his ability to be a witness as stated earlier. Chikanza walked away and decided to spend the court days outside premises until he is called to be a witness.

There was chaos on Tuesday afternoon at the end of trial, Chikanza, lifted his hand to request permission to speak. Chikanza introduced himself as the journalist who police have been avoiding for 2 years, and questioned why as he alleged, clear direct evidence of direct threats of military violence against Chinyanga has been avoided.

He pointed towards Chinyanga’s lawyers who have this evidence which he said does not take seconds of time to understand.

The trial continued with Chinyanga not being allowed witnesses, despite him confessing on numerous times that he has speech problems among other difficulties.

When the judge began stopping him, Chikanza continued talking and ended up drowning the courtroom as he charged saying the British Courts should not be used to promote fake news which triggers genocide. He said the judge should protect human life than persecute innocent victims.

Afterwards, the judge referred the case for retrial, which also means the prosecution has to go back to the drawing board.

It is Chikanza’s position that the case should never have been prepared in the first place because according to him the Defendant is clearly a victim of ZANU PF terrorists based in UK who are the complainants and yet they are the ones who not only threatened Chinyanga with the same terroristic announcements, but executed it in Zimbabwe and overthrew the constitutionally elected government of Nelson Chamisa on the 1st August 2018.

Chikanza was handed a ban for disrupting the trial, but swiftly announced to court security personnel that the paper is “rubbish” which he will get quickly get dismissed at the High Court.

The following morning he made an official report and a complaint to the senior judges responsible for the old Bailey.

Chikanza also has a track record of successful application of terorrism law including saving 18 million citizens of Zambia from terrorism through one early morning interview in August 2021. In October 2019, he participated in registering the prosecution of Zimbabwe’s Speaker Of Parliament, Jacob Mudenda following a Sunday morning interview in Belgrade Serbia. Over the years, he has a history of being the only journalist to contront and interview every military general during brutal military crackdowns, since Robert Mugabe days. He also participated in exposing corruption during the Motlanthe Commission-quasi-court over the 1 August 2018 crackdown, and in 2019, he flew to Davos, Switzerland to confront and interview politicians over the Jan 2019 crackdowns.

STATEMENT: As part of the legal defence system for Chinyanga, we had to engage a US based lawyer,  Tapiwa Kapurura who worked so hard to uncover various technical loopholes on the case paving way for the benefit of doubt on the allegations.

Also contributing among others, was the abducted activist, Itai Dzamara’s lawyer, Kennedy Masiye.