Starved Man Lures Neighbour Into Garden, Removes Skirt
4 February 2022
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A sex starved Guruve man is in trouble after he tripped down his neighbour, removed her skirt and failed to remove her panties at their gardens in Mudhindo.

The matter came to light at Guruve magistrates courts yesterday where Linoce Fovhoro pleaded not guilty to indecent assault before magistrate Rumbidzai Mugwagwa.

Prosecutor Albert Charewa alleges on 25 October last year Fivhoro met Lynet Chikanga at their gardens in Mudhindo.

Fovhoro had a misunderstanding with  Chikanga over boundary issues.

Fovhoro suddenly jumped into Chikanga’s field tipped her down, pulled down her skirt before attempting to remove her panties.

Chikanga screamed for help and Fovhoro managed to escape.

A police report was filed at Mudhindo police base leading to the arrest of Fovhoro.