Apostle Chiwenga Says: Chamisa Not A Threat, CIO Gunmen Hunted Me Instead Into Jo’Burg
8 February 2022
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By Dr Masimba Mavaza | Once again Talent Chiwenga the self proclaimed prophet and a self righteous all knowing apostle made claims that he was about to be assassinated.

Self righteous is a person having or characterized by a certainty, especially an unfounded one, that one is totally correct or morally superior.”self-righteous indignation and complacency. This is the best way to describe Talent Chiwenga.
Chiwenga is well known for believing that he is the only favoured of God and the only prophet who knows everything.

He has on several occasions believed that he is in danger from the government of Zimbabwe. It has been always clear that Chiwenga is a controversial street preacher who has a strong belief tha he is the only one correct and everyone else is wrong. He believes that he is the mouth piece of God and that his word comes from God at least that is what his followers to believe. He is known to have a passion for insulting anyone and everyone. He lacks diplomacy and is known for rebuking church members in church while he is beaming their photo on the screen.
Once again Chiwenga has shown his unexplainable obsession with the CIO and the government of Zimbabwe. He believes that he is targeted by the government of Zimbabwe. He again has become a renowned enemy of another Preacher Prophet Makandiwa. Talent Chiwenga’s beef with prophet Makandiwa is not known. Chiwenga hates Makandiwa with a passion.
Talent Chiwenga has become blubber who pukes vitriol on any politician and any person for no reason. He now is in a serious belief that everybody is against his life. He lives in a fear and he is always running away from his shadow. But Chiwenga has become so notorious that he has to do anything to be famous. Without further diagnosis we can say that Chiwenga is paranoid. This is a mental condition characterized by delusions of persecution, unwarranted jealousy, or exaggerated self-importance, typically worked into an organized system. It may be an aspect of chronic personality disorder, of drug abuse, or of a serious condition such as schizophrenia in which the person loses touch with reality. Chiwenga could be seriously on drugs or really having schizophrenia. Chiwenga lies through his teeth with a straight face.
Now coming to his assertions Chiwenga claims that there are people who have been sent to kill him. He is now in self exile in South Africa where vomits his vitriol. Two years ago Chiwenga while coming from South Africa was involved in a car accident where he killed his wife and two church members. Talent Chiwenga drove while he was sleepy tired and in his own words he was over speeding. In his ever righteous mentality Chiwenga claimed that he was set up by the CIO and that they wanted to kill him. He claimed further that they are the ones who caused his accident. He now creates his own CIO and claims they are after him and his property. His story is so absurd.

He as usual published the fake Identity card of a fictitious person called Allipongo who was said to be a state security stationed at Zimbabwe State house as a State Security Operative. Looking at this it is laughable. Firstly the State house Identity card does not say State House. It says State residence. The security at the State house do not have an identity card which is like the one published. Looking closely at the card it only has a name and not a surname. It does not even have an initial. Chiwenga displays the fake card and claim that it was a CIO member stationed at State House. This betrays his paranoia and the state of his mental health.

Paranoia which Chiwenga has involves intense anxious or fearful feelings and thoughts often related to persecution, threat, or conspiracy. Paranoia occurs in many mental disorders, but is most often present in psychotic disorders.

So Chiwenga is psychotic. Paranoia can become delusions, when irrational thoughts and beliefs become so fixed that nothing (including contrary evidence) can convince a person that what they think or feel is not true. It will be waste of time to try and convince Chiwenga that no one is after him. When a person has paranoia or delusions, but no other symptoms (like hearing or seeing things that aren’t there), they might have what is called a delusional disorder.  So it is true that Chiwenga is delusional and demented. Because only thoughts are impacted, a person with delusional disorder can usually work and function in everyday life, however, their lives may be limited and isolated. In Chiwengas case he try to become a hero by creating a threat against me.
Delusional disorder is characterized by irrational or intense belief(s) or suspicion(s) which a person believes to be true. These beliefs may seem outlandish and impossible (bizarre) or fit within the realm of what is possible (non-bizarre)
Up to this day Chiwenga has refused to be a man of God and accept that there is no one after his life. He has been seeing shadows and he killed his wife in this accident and obviously blamed CIO. Now he is looking for a legal stay in South Africa and is now busy creating fictions which can only be found in a fiction book.
One psychiatrist Dr M Patel from the United Kingdom described the behaviour of Chiwenga as narcissistic.Narcissistic personality disorder (NPD) is a long-term, mental health condition. NPD causes you to think that you are more important than other people. You need to be the centre of attention and to be admired by others. You want to control the people and events in your life. It is hard for you to stop your behaviours, even when you hurt others. You have trouble asking for help and trusting other people. These thoughts and behaviours cause problems with your relationships and daily activities. As a result you believe that you are always right and everybody is after your life. The exact cause of NPD is not known. NPD commonly occurs in early adulthood. NPD may develop if you did not have a secure relationship with your parents, or if that security was disrupted.

So Talent Chiwenga has a mental health problem which most of his followers have failed to understand and have given him the Dutch courage. Talent Chiwenga is an arrogant someone who is arrogant thinks he is better or more important than other people and behaves in a way that is rude and too confident. He has become proud and thinks that he is now at the level of God.
Of all the institutions of human society, the Christian Church is surely the most amazing. Standing like a rock amid the shifting currents and cultures of the ages, it has occupied a unique place in man’s life for almost 2,000 years. While other institutions have come and gone, political and economic systems waxed and waned, the Church, alone among them all, has endured.
There is no worry that it will not continue to endure. We must worry, however, when leaders of the Church show signs of jeopardizing its power and influence by taking it away from its main mission. To be specific zimbabwe as a christian country for more than hundred years, We should be concerned that many of the Church’s top leaders today—especially in what are called the one man street denominations—are sorely failing its members in two ways: (1) by succumbing to a creeping tendency to downgrade the Bible as the infallible Word of God, and (2) by efforts to shift the Church’s main thrust from the spiritual to the secular. The two, are related. Preachers are absolutely prohibited from directly or indirectly participating in, or intervening in, any political campaign on behalf of (or in opposition to) any candidate for elective public office.
But Talent Chiwenga enters into politics by lying to feed into his paranoia.
Paranoia is thinking and feeling like you are being threatened in some way, even if there is no evidence, or very little evidence, that you are.
“In paranoia, your fears become amplified and everyone you meet becomes drawn into that web. You become the centre of a threatening universe.”
This the life Chiwenga is living a life of fear of shaddows. Chiwenga needs our prayers. He is possessed with demons we must cast the demons out of Chiwenga and throw them into the sea.
Chiwenga is free to go to zimbabwe without any fear.
At the other end of the spectrum is very severe paranoia (also called clinical paranoia or persecutory delusions) which is affected the man of gods. We have no doubt that Chiwenga’s paranoia is more severe and he needs treatment.
Chiwenga is not under threat and he is trying to bolster his asylum claim in South Africa by creating a fake assassination attempt.

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