Level Of Cluelessness In Zanu PF Puzzling
8 February 2022
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Tinashe Sambiri|The level of cluelessness in Zanu PF is puzzling, Citizens’ Coalition For Change ( Namibia) has said.

The Citizens’ Coalition For Change has also denounced police brutality- following the persecution of party members at the weekend.

CCC members were arrested for distributing party fliers in central Gweru.

See statement below:

Citizens Coalition For Change Namibia totally condemns state-sponsored violence and arbitrary arrests in the motherland.

08 February 2022

It is quite infuriating to learn that the Zanupf-controlled police and other state security agents descended on social democrats who were peacefully compaigning for the people’s Honourable, Organ Chibaya ahead of the March 2022 by-elections.

Namibia district is cognisant of the high levels of cluelessness and desperation in Zanupf and their surrogates as they are visibly jumping form pillar to pole meditating on their impending peril.

The violence unleashed at our diligent change seekers in Gweru on Sunday is a clear testament to Zanupf panic mode.

What perturbs social democrats in Namibia is that Zanupf and MdcT led by Douglas Togorasei Mwonzora are allowed to gather with police security agents guarding them but Citizens Coalition For Change is always prohibited resulting in unlawful arrests and torture of constitutional fighters. Our message to Zanupf and their counterfeit democrats is that they should know that President Advocate Nelson Chamisa is fully a Zimbabwean citizen entitled to his rights and civil liberties to lead this party of excellence.

Moreso, the dismal failure by the satanic regime to safeguard the rule of law and promoting democratic governance must be seriously confronted through a wholesale demand for comprehensive electoral and political reforms before 2023 harmonised elections. How can the polls be guaranteed credibility when diverse players are denied the political liberty and freedom to campaign for their candidates? This selective application of the law should be resisted with equal measure. It very clear that the playing is uneven as we gear up for 2023. Why unleashing armed police and soldiers to defenceless civilians entitled to their fundamental basic human right? Zimbabwe really needs new leaders who are ready to respect the universal human rights.

What mesmerises Citizens Coalition For Change Namibia is that if the state is unleashing terror and violence a year before elections what about in 2023 when the cobra-headed citizenry show up displaying their commitment and dedication to join the Yellow Revolution.

On Sunday, dozens of citizens in Gweru were arbitrarily arrested after showing their extraordinary support to the recalled Honourable Organiser Amos Chibaya. It was regrettable to see state agents armed with AK47 unleashing teargas and terror on the citizens in Gweru, this is undemocratic and beyond nonsense to deny citizens their right to belong to the Yellow Marine led by none other than our dynamic, organic and pragmatic leader President Advocate Nelson Chamisa (Wamba dia Wamba).

During the previous week we saw our Honourable Judith Tobaiwa’s campaign vehicle being impounded, stickers and banners removed in Kwekwe.This is pathetic and undemocratic in a purported ‘New Dispensation’! Social democrats across the globe should constitutionally pent up their outrage against this gross abuse of human freedoms in Zimbabwe.

The African Commission’s Declaration of Principles on Freedom of Expression On Africa, adopted at the 32nd session of the African Commission held in October 2002 in Gambia, reaffirms the fundamental importance of freedom of expression as a means of ensuring respect for all human rights, stating that freedom of expression is a fundamental human right and an indispensable component of constitutional democracy. The declaration makes it bare that any restrictions on Freedom of expression should be prescribed by law, serve a legitimate interest and be necessary and in a democratic state.

In a nutshell, Citizens Coalition For Change Namibia’s message to Zanupf and its surrogates is that the desperate party should not override constitutional provisions or in way try to undermine fundamental rights enshrined in the constitution and international standards. We condemn the torture , inhuman and degrading treatment of our revolutionaries because they are an alternative. It is now imperative for intellectual coordination to transpire among democratic fighters so that they can peacefully and constitutionally deal with Zanupf morons.








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Citizens Coalition For Change Namibia
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