Letter to the President of Zimbabwe. Death penalty is imperatively needed
15 February 2022
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Dear His Excellency President Emerson Mnangagwa

Mr. President I write this letter as a concerned citizen of Zimbabwe. Our country is no longer peaceful  at all.

There are now more criminals than before. Our people are being robbed with knives, guns and other weapons. Our citizens are now living in fear of criminals.

There is now no more fear of the law among our citizens. Now our people live in fear of criminals instead of criminals fearing the people.

Mr President I ask you to implement death penalty for capital offenders. These evil people who are robbing, raping and killing innocent people must be put to death.

Our country does not need them. Even Chikurubi Maximum Prison does not need them. Resources can’t be wasted feeding them. They must get capital punishment.

If you look at the Arab countries you can see that death penalty will act as a greater deterrent to violent crime.

Mr President our country has become evil. With a lot of people now practicing witchcraft. I ask you to direct the parliament of Zimbabwe to repeal Suppression of Witchcraft Act.

As you are aware majority of our people have turned to witchcraft as result of envy and jealousy. We can’t be a society that does not allow our people to speak out against these sadists practices.

There is power in words those who practice such shenanigans must be exposed and condemned. But this law, Suppression of Witchcraft Act which was enacted during colonial times is preventing and suppressing  our citizens from speaking out.

Mr President your authority and position can create much good in our Zimbabwean society.

We  want to be a society with less crime and where our citizens live in peace. I kindly ask you to excercise the authority God has given you in countering crime and protecting peace loving Zimbabweans.

Thank you so much. May God bless you.

Yours Faithfully,

Collen Makumbirofa