Arrested Soldiers In Mutoko New Facts Emerged
18 February 2022
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BY DR MASIMBA MAVAZA | A report has been circulating of arrested soldiers in Mutoko with pictures of four men tied with ropes The Zimbabwe National Army (ZNA) has dismissed as fake report. There was no soldier serving or retired who was arrested during robbery in Mutoko. The story of an armed robbery that allegedly happened in Mutoko on Wednesday is fake and malicious meant to continue soiling the name of the army. The message which is circulating on social media alleged that four people were arrested over the said robbery in Mutoko were armed soldiers. A statement by ZNA on the matter said,

_In response to a social media and WhatsApp fake message that has been circulating since early this morning, the Zimbabwe National Army would like to set the record straight that no such robbery occurred in Mutoko yesterday on 16 February 2022. The Security Forces have carried out thorough investigations in and around Mutoko and no such incident took place. The alleged victims are also non-existent. The fake report also says four people were arrested but without mentioning their names. The Zimbabwe Republic Police in Mutoko has also refuted that they arrested anyone related to an armed robbery case in the area._
_The Army would like to point out that this message is malicious and must be dismissed with the contempt it deserves. The Security Forces are very much concerned about the spread of fake news posts especially when there are regional and international conferences taking place. It is now well established that such fake news posts are meant to cause alarm and despondence._

_Investigations have now been instituted to apprehend the originators of these fake news posts and the perpetrators will be brought to book.
Colone Alphios Makotore Director Army Public Relations_ said in the statement on behalf of the army.
It is shameless and pathetic that some political parties peddle such lies. This dhows the great disrespect to our hard working soldiers.

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