Homeseeker Drags Property Developer To Court For Fraud
22 February 2022
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A Harare home seeker has dragged a housing and property development firm to court after it allegedly defrauded him of money he had paid to it for the attainment of a stand.

Courage Mateta paid about US$3 000 to Enhancing Mortgaging and Housing Company (EMH) in November 2018 after being assured that the payment was a guarantee that he would be allocated a residential stand.

However the firm did not uphold its end of the agreement by failing to show him the portion of land he had paid to date.

According to his lawyers at Takaindisa Law Chambers, the company had promised to show him the stand in April 2019 only to keep postponing the date they would show him his stand leading him to report the matter at Milton Park police station under RRB 4963248.

“When April arrived the company said it would show him in August, when August came the company said it would show him in the following month but nothing has materialized up until Courage has decided to claim his money back,” they said.

Mateta claims that in the past two years executives at EMH have been dilly-dallying each time he tried to recover his money prompting him to approach lawyers in December last for legal assistance.

The lawyers are said to have questioned EMH through a letter and the firm took Mateta to an unpegged bushy area which was neither developed, a deviance from the agreement he had signed up with them.

All his efforts to recover his money have been in vain thereby forcing him to take the legal route for redress.  Mateta is not the only home seeker who has fallen victim to such malpractices.

Over the years land barons have duped desperate home seekers of various amounts of money by selling them State land meant for other developments.