VIRAL PICTURE: Khupe, Ncube, Bhebhe In Bajila’s Analysis
22 February 2022
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Analyst Discent Collins Bajila has written in trying to explain the viral picture of CCC VP Welshman Ncube, MDC renegade Thokozani Khupe, and democracy heavyweight, Abednico Bhebhe. The photograph became a major irritation in the community amid rising belief that it means Khupe has been welcomed back to the same party she worked to destroy just a few months ago. Bajila tries to explain that it is just what it is, a mere picture, but one that carries 2 decades of history concerning the three individuals. Says Bajila:

Bhebhe, Khupe and Welshman Mcube

I love history and I use it to analyse the current.

Let us go back a little bit. In 2008, the Makokoba seat was hotly contested. Khuphe triumphed over Ncube. It was a resounding victory.

That same year, Bhebhe retained his Nkayi seat under a party where Ncube was SG.

In 2009, Ncube wrote the letter that recalled Bhebhe from Parliament after a long bit unsuccessful disciplinary route. It was a sad chapter for Bhebhe.

In 2020, Khuphe and Bhebhe almost contested one another, alongside Mwonzora, for the MDCT Presidency. Bhebhe was unfortunately disqualified. It was bad.

Now hear is a photo of these 3 together. What lessons should I learn from hear as an activist?