BREAKING: Ziyambi Appears To Join Nelson Chamisa
23 February 2022
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By Farai D Hove | The man who hates the CCC party to the bone, Justice Minister Ziyambi Ziyambi’s brother’s son has announced he shall from today onwards start respecting CCC President Nelson Chamisa having been shocked how he retains the command of the masses despite so many put-offs about him.

Frank Ziyambi

Frank Ziyambi made this revelation on Wednesday morning in a thread he opened narrating several things about Chamisa from the Tsvangirai days to present day Zimbabwe.

Below was his comment:

What is it that Robert Mugabe saw in this young man Adv Nelson Chamisa that he didn’t see in his loyal Cdes?

What is it that Morgan Tsvangirai saw in this young man Adv Nelson Chamisa that he even went against the party constitution and appointed him Vice President?

What is it that millions of Zimbabweans see in this youngman? The young man doesn’t have ideology, he doesn’t have track record, he doesn’t have a party, he doesn’t have a plan he didn’t go to war, he is not mature, he doesn’t have strategy but people still see hope in him. Some people see a biblical Moses in him

Even inini semurakashi if I don’t tuka him or mention his name I feel like handina kurakasha.

Some people feel that this youngman must acknowledge that President won the election in 2018 kuti zviite chiremera. Why him?

We have a government which has done a lot so far better than heavenly government but still some millions think this youngman can still do better. What’s with this youngman.

Recently a popular dj Tawaz confessed that he even wanted to have a tattoo of this youngman. Chii chaizvo.

Dai vanhu vese ava vaive nemaziso one one taiti pamwe rinoona kudarika ane two seni hanti kunonzi panoitwa vana Hapurakatapura hapadiwe munhu ane ziso one.

From today going forward I have decided to respect this youngman.